Tucson Station agents helped reunite a migrant mother with her child after they got separated while crossing the border.

According to United States Border Patrol Chief John R. Modlin, on May 5, Tucson Station agents apprehended four migrants near Three Points, Arizona. A woman in the group said she had been separated from her young child just before coming into contact with the agents.

The Tucson Sector proceeded to deploy several assets in order to search the area for the missing child.

On May 6, Modlin says a 911 call was received approximately six miles from the initial apprehension location. Border Search, Trauma and Rescue agents (BORSTAR) working alongside the Arizona Department of Public Safety responded to the area.

Later that day around 2:00 p.m., agents successfully located the child with a 33-year-old Mexican citizen. Modlin explained how they were both taken back to Tucson, where the child was reunited with her mother.