The glamorous fashion of New York City’s high society in the mid-twentieth century is worn with style by some major names in the FX series, “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans.”

The second season of the show, which follows a group of NYC socialites as they plan revenge against author Truman Capote for his tell-all book, stars Naomi Watts, Tom Hollander, Chlo Sevigny, Diane Lane, and Demi Moore, among others.

The idea comes from the minds of Jaffe Cohen, Michael Zam and Ryan Murphy, whose past projects include, “Glee,” “Nip/Tuck” and “American Horror Story.”

But at least some of the garments worn on screen come from a different place: a vintage clothing business based right here in Tucson.

Dave Temple and Sabino Gutierrez run Clever Vintage Clothing out of their home on Tucson’s east side.

They started about 20 years ago when they were living in Los Angeles.

“We pooled our resources and started selling vintage clothing,” Temple said. “We’ve been collecting since the 1980s.”

The business has three parts: clothing for film and television, design and selling to the public.

Sixteen years ago they got their big break. They were tapped to provide pieces for the second season of the groundbreaking AMC series, “Mad Men” which they continued to do through Season 6.

In 2011, some of their clothes made it into the Academy Award-winning film, “The Help.”

They eventually connected with Ryan Murphy’s production company, providing attire for a long list of shows that include, “American Horror Story,” “Ratched” and “Feud.”

Temple and Gutierrez send garment options to the show’s designer who then finalizes what the characters actually wear.

“We are a resource for the designer,” Temple said.

Temple estimates that around 80% of what they send gets used on screen.

It’s a service they provide that sometimes goes unnoticed.

“We don’t get screen credit,” Temple said. “It is all a resource for the customer..

“We are the best kept secret, I guess you’d say.”

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