Learning to crotchet, Tina Thompson enjoyed the cool blast of air conditioning inside Sister Jose Womens Center.

Its a blessing, its a blessing, she said, the gratitude behind her voice obvious.

Being inside is a blessing for her because at 52 years old, shes been living on the streets for two years, coming to the center on Tuesday.

Its hot. I cannot deal with this because I have seizures, Thompson said.

Its those seizures that can be especially life-threatening when she stays out in the heat too long. She said they occur more often when she stays outside too long.

I cannot be in the heat. This is killing me..I almost passed out yesterday walking, she said with broken words and tears in her eyes.

Shes just one of the many women who take advantage of the air conditioning at the center.

The center said in May, 509 women went in for their cooling program and in June that number went up to over 540.

Taking advantage of the center on Wednesday was Teresa Wood. She has nowhere to go and has been at the center for about 4 days.

I take medication and stuff and have to wear sunblock, and this that and the other, so I cant be out there, Wood said.

Since she cant afford a car, she has to walk everywhere, which can get exhausting for her in the heat.

I love to walk but its too hot to walk now, she said.

However, being at the center is helping her health because she gets to stay there overnight.

The center said theyre also getting more women who are staying overnight. From May to June they received 35 more women.

While some people might take an air conditioner for granted, the women at the center said its saving their life.

I feel very blessed because Im in the cool, no stress. I dont have to sit outside, Thompson said while Wood said, Thank God for them being here because they are very good people.