David Valencia looked through pictures of his daughter Mia that were taken throughout her 21 years of life. He reflected on her personality, recalling hanging out with her.

She was like the son I never had, but she kind of was. She really wanted to step up there and be with dad all the time, Valencia said.

About three times a year, Valencia and his family go up to Mount Lemmon to camp. David said Mia used to fish and hunt a lot.

Those interests are something David said she had in common with her fianc Xander.

He loved hunting, hiking, and he was a good kid.”

Unfortunately Xander passed away a few months ago. Mia was pregnant at the time, but lost the baby soon after.

Even through all that she had a smile as bright as the sun, Valencia said.

Mia Valencia died last Friday after riding as a passenger in a motorcycle that crashed into a guardrail. The Pima County Sheriffs Department said it happened near mile post 5 and she was thrown into a nearby embankment after being ejected from the motorcycle.

Now a memorial sits on Mile Post 4 where her loved ones have placed flowers and pictures of her, even writing messages for her on the guard rail.

Paige Opichka and Mia were friends since middle schools and she remembers her bright personality, especially around Xander.

She was already a bright person but he made her shine so much more, Opichka said.

Opichka remembers growing up with Mia and spending a lot of time together at a park near where Opichka lives.

She made childhood like actual childhood. It wasnt jut being on our phones and sitting around. She made it like being outside, she said.

Now Mias loved ones, like her father, are hoping to raise awareness about the importance of motorcycles and cars looking out for each other.

Motorcycles arent as strong as you think. A little bump, you can send somebody flying, and thats somebodys child, somebodys parent, somebodys uncle, aunt. It doesnt take a lot, so I think awareness needs to go both ways, David said.