During the 1970s, BMX riding began growing in popularity all across the world.

Jane Windle-Cardoza was instrumental in the pioneering of BMX riding in the UK.

This is for my dad, hot shot BMX and as I said im just really honored to be in history,” Windle- Cardoza said.

Windle-Cardoza was introduced to BMX riding when her dad introduced the sport to the UK in 1979.

When she was a teenager, her father opened one of the first BMX shops, Hot Shot.

People were coming in and saying that will never catch on,” Windle-Cardoza said. “We had videos playing, the bikes are too small, theyre for kids but he persevered with it, and it ended up being an Olympic sport now.

Just two years after riding, Windle-Cardoza won the Number One Plate for Hot Shot in the first official year of national racing in the UK.

When I first started racing, a lot of the time I had to race with the boys as well,” Windle-Cardoza said. “I think sort of toughens you up a little bit cause they dont like a girl beating them.

In the coming years BMX riding only grew further and in 2022 the UK began the British BMX Hall of Fame.

“This year, I was nominated, and I won it, ” Windle-Cardoza said.

She was inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame class in the Pioneer Female Racer category.

Ive had it on display and its just really an absolute honor,” Windle-Cardoza said. “At least Im going to go down in history somewhere.



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