As the 2023 Women’s World Cup begins, fans across Tucson are showing their support and watching the game together. The USWNT played against Vietnam for their first game in the tournament, with Tucsonans gathering in places like Pueblo Vida Brewing.

“It’s so intense,” Linette Antillon, the co-owner of Pueblo Vida Brewing said. “It’s 90 minutes and it’s non-stop action and it’s just fun to watch it in a crowded bar where everyone is cheering together.”

For Antillon, it’s about watching her favorite game and bringing the community together over soccer.

“Soccer has done that for us and i think it comes from the fact that I’m a huge soccer fan,” Antillon said.

Pueblo Vida Brewing opened in 2014 and Antillon said they’ll continue to host watch parties as much as they can.

“It’s to provide a space that allows everyone to get together and cheer on these women that have worked so hard,” she said. “And are going to be working hard for those 90 minutes.”

The list of watch parties at Pueblo Vida Brewing can be found here.