On Mondays Martin Luther King Day, members of the Tucson Community remembered his role in our history and considered his role in our future.

Marches were an important tool in Doctor Kings struggle for equal rights so a march was an important part of the effort to honor his memory and commitment.

Marchers made their way to Reid Park for a celebration that included a chance to sign up with organizations that continue Doctor Kings call to community service.

Pastor Grady Scott of Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church organized the event.

I was 10 years old when he was assassinated. So I lived a lot of what he saw. And we have made a lot of progress since Doctor Kings day. Doctor King’s America was a different America than the America we have today. But it’s not yet achieved the dream; the dream of total racial equality where skin color is not a factor; where we see each other as equals.

So many people are too young to have seen Martin Luther King when he was alive. Even without that experience, Elisha Boyce wanted to honor this day.

My school wanted to be out here but I feel like Martin Luther King is really important.

His father, Collin Boyce says its important to expose his two sons to this day and its cultural significance.

Not that it precludes any other culture but what I share with them is, its like flowers, right? God is a God of diversity. The fact that youre a different culture than I am, God sees diversity as a positive thing. And I want them to embrace our culture and the things important to us because then they can add that beauty back into the world.