The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, according to AAA.

At Tucson International, it’s shaping up to be one of their busiest travel seasons in quite some time as well.

Many of Wednesday’s travelers seemed stress-free and ready for a long weekend with family and friends.

“I’m really excited to go to Las Vegas. My nephew lives there; hes hosting Thanksgiving,” said Nancy Loosvelt as she prepared to board for Nevada.

Another traveler, Cynthia Easterbrook, said she’s “really excited because Im going to my sons” in Santa Monica, California.

According to AAA, around 55 million Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving.

“Not far, but still, Im anxious to get a dose of the sea. So glad to not be stuck in the house,” Easterbrook said excitedly.

More than one million of those travelers taking to the skies and roads are Arizonans.

“I am going to Salt Lake City to visit my youngest son and his family, and Ill be there for a week,” said Carole Hannon as she waited.

The Chief Communications Officer for TUS told KGUN 9 they expect 88,000 travelers around Thanksgivingthe most they’ve seen in nearly two decades.

“This is a better airport Its not as crowded,” said Hannon when asked why she chose to fly out of Tucson compared to the much larger Sky Harbor in Phoenix.

“Were going to go out to dinner tonight,” Loosvelt said of her plans when landing at her destination in Las Vegas. “And Friday were going to a show. Were going to see the Sphere.”

But depending on where youre going, severe weather could put a damper on your Thanksgiving with heavy rains and high winds impacting eastern portions of the country.

Though for travelers heading that way, they have their fingers crossed.

“Maybe a little bit. We have a long day of traveling so Im a little nervous with all of this crew with us,” said Mariah Craig, who was traveling back home to Jacksonville, Florida, with her family. “But fingers crossed things will go smoothly.”

Besides Wednesday, the Sunday following Thanksgiving is also one of the busiest travel days of the year when millions will return back home.

Many of those flying from TUS on Wednesday said they plan on returning after Sunday.