Later this week, 32 countries, including two-time defending champion U.S.A., will begin competition in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“There is definitely a buzz,” said Michael Davidson, the Diplomatic Security Services World Cup Security Coordinator.

As his title indicates, Davidson, a Tucson native, heads up security for the United States when it comes to its citizens, players, media, and corporate media.

“We are running a 24-7 operations center.”

Davidson’s calling was one he realized many years ago during a volunteer trip to Mexico.

“The interest in languages, serving people, serving my country really came into play during those couple of years.”

It’s led Davidson to a career that saw him become a Federal Air Marshall, work for U.S. Border Patrol, and also have a top position at the state department. He’s led security at everywhere from U.S. Embassies to Super Bowls, including Super Bowl LVII earlier this year where he worked with Australia police partners.

“In terms of a sporting event, I would say it’s that fan aspect that adds an additional layer of challenge and complication.”

Additionally, this year’s Women’s World Cup has two host countries, Australia and New Zealand. He’s had to develop, coordinate, and implement all U.S. government security policies and operations.

“I do believe the most gratifying moment is going to come at the end. When we are working on those larger, major events, the focus in on the finish line.”

From Sahuaro High School to this week’s preparation in Sydney, Australia, Davidson is a senior official who’s career has taken him all over the world.

“As proud as I am to be able to serve our country and diplomatic security service, I’m equally proud to be able to represent Tucson when I travel all over the world.”