The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project will be expanding after the City of Tucson approved fund expenditures for three more projects.

A little over three years ago, the city launched a program which diverts stormwater run-off into basins to grow trees and vegetation.

The projects help to add shade to walkways, while also beautifying the area.

Its a great water conservation device, because in Tucson we use 30% of our water for outside landscaping needs Its a great way to do water conservation and create amenities for neighborhoods, said Ward 3 Councilman, Kevin Dahl.

Ward 3 will be home to one of the three new projects, which will be the first in the area.

It will be constructed at the intersection of 11th Avenue and Flores Street. Dahl says the intersection has been closed-off due to its high crime rate, which has brought some improvements.

Keeping the traffic from going through where people live, has brought some of that down. Now we want to provide some cooling, some shade, some beautification to this place that desperately needs it, said Dahl.

This program is funded by a charge to Tucson Water customers on their water bills. Customers are billed based on their water usage, but the charge averages about $1 a month.

I think once again Tucson is at the cutting edge of implementing water conservation measures, said Dahl.