TUSDs desegregation program is an issue that stems from when the district was involved in a lawsuit in the 1970s. African American and Hispanic students alleged the district was intentionally segregating them. Two years ago, a judge closed the case, leaving the desegregation program in the districts hands. That includes the budget.

The district said the desegregation budget for fiscal year 2024 has a deficit of over $4 million, but they said thats going to be completely covered by their maintenance and operations budget. They said their deficit for fiscal year 2025 has improved by about $2 million.

TUSD said during its last meeting, the board told the district they didnt want them to change the desegregation and non-desegregation allocations for the transportation department. Under this new version of the budget presented on Tuesday, board members could technically make changes. Their financial department said they dont expect them to make any.

The district said they did reduce spending in some departments like the transportation department, but it was so they can spend that money on employees who help with pandemic-related learning loss for fiscal year 2025. The district said jobs are not going to be cut under this proposed budget.

At next weeks meeting, people in the community can give their opinions on the budget. The district said the board is going to vote on the final desegregation budget on July 15.