Two downtown business want to move forward with their plans to expand both brands by taking over a historic shop that closed its doors about a year ago.

The Rio Nuevo Board is in charge of investing sales taxes back into downtown Tucson. Tuesday, Feb. 27, the board voted and agreed that two partners, Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market and Highwire Cocktail Bar, can take over the old Crescent Tobacco Shop.

The Old Crescent Tobacco shop building was constructed and opened in 1900. Proposed plans submitted to the Rio Nuevo Board, show that contractors would knock down the wall between Crescent and Johnny Gibson’s to make room for a grab-and-go bodega.

John Farr, general manager of Johnny Gibson’s, said he’s excited to partner with another downtown business to grow together. “It’s good community,” Farr said. “All of us get together and do some new project. It’s fun, it’s good for Tucson and it’s great for us.”

There is still a key step left in the process. Both partners cannot move forward with their plans until the old building’s current owner approves the design for the bodega. Johnny Gibson’s and Highwire said they also plan to open a shared event space within the next month.