Two teachers in the Marana Unified School District are making waves across the state.

Thanks to federal funding, the teachers have launched a professional development program to help children from kindergarten to third grade on their social and emotional well-being.

In Julie Bradshaw’s third grade glass, students are learning how to handle their wide range of emotions.

The grant of $252,000 will give teachers throughout the state access to books and learning tools.

“This funding goes to teachers getting these books,”Bradshaw said. “So our program is Ninja Life Hacks and these books offer an opportunity for teachers to be able to share life skills with kids in their classrooms…it comes with resources that really help them to develop strong life skills such as a growth mindset .”

Bradshaw says this curriculum has been instrumental in her class; helping students understand their emotions and how to regulate them.

“A sweet kindergartner who had a really hard time with overcoming his anger,” Bradshaw said. “We started using these strategies and practicing and he went from, you know, having fists that were balled up and just not knowing how to control his anger to, ‘Miss Bradshaw, I was able to use my strategy and it works.'”

Bradshaw, along with Twin Peaks teacher Martha Bishop, were able to work with lawmakers to get the grant to pay for almost 200 books that they can now share with 120 participating elementary schools.

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