During the month of October KGUN 9 is raising awareness about breast cancer by highlighting stories of survivors.

KGUN 9’s Denelle Veselik sat down with Kay Hanson, a cancer survivor who shares her tears and triumphs.

“Of course, came back that I had breast cancer…I don’t know when you hear those words, just like your whole world comes to an end,” Hanson said. “It’s like, the world as you knew it before is like over, and now you’re on this journey that you’ve never been on before and you’re scared, you know.”

Hanson was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been a survivor for the past 20 years.

“My right breast was a lumpectomy and we decided to take the whole breast. My fear was, if they couldn’t get enough margins because it was the size a little larger than a golf ball,” Hanson said. “So my feeling was go ahead and take the whole breast. That way if there’s anything there, you’ve got it.” said Hanson.

“So they did and we had surgery. Went through everything,” said Hanson. “Everything was good. Was going through chemo treatments and two years later, three years later, 2006 I got it again, a little lymph node. A little crazy little lymph node drifted down between my heart and my lung.”

Despite her challenging treatments Hanson kept a good attitude.

“I was able to call into meetings and all. I think the funniest thing would be is…I had been going through chemo… I fell asleep in the middle of the meeting,” Hanson said. “So I’d have to call back later to find out what took place, you know.”

Her advice: Lean into the friends and family around you and let them help you.

“You’re not alone out there and it’s okay to be scared, “Hanson said.

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