Two women have been arrested for bypassing TSA at Sky Harbor causing a breach of security to be declared on Monday.

The two women allegedly entered terminal 3 at Sky Harbor Monday at approximately 4:45 p.m. by passing through several do not enter signs. TSA confronted the two women and told them that the areas were exit only and they could not enter.

Court paperwork shows the two women continued to walk past TSA agents and said they were late for their flight, entering the secure/restricted side of the terminal. The two women allegedly stated that they were not going to wait for security and continued walking.

TSA activated a covert alert button and another agent continued to follow the women. The alert button notifies supervisors and police that there has been a major incident.

When police arrived on scene they declared a breach of security and eventually tracked down the women.

Both were detained and continued to tell police that they were late for their flight and neither of the subjects were apologetic or appeared to understand the serious nature of the situation, according to court paperwork.

Police took both women into custody and they were both booked for trespassing and entering a critical public service facility, which is a class 5 felony.