The clock is ticking for the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) and Univeristy of Arizona leaders to present a plan to the Governor on how to solve the university’s budget shortfall.

On January 25th, Governor Katie Hobbs sent a letter to the ABOR, expressing some of her concerns with how the university’s $177 million dollar budget deficit was being handled.

Hobbs gave ABOR a deadline of Friday, Feb. 9 to provide a “detailed plan” including “major strategies and tactics” that will be used to help fix the financial issues plaguing the university. The Governor also requested the presence of a third-party consultant to help with the plan, as well as monthly updates on the progress made by the UA.

Hobbs stated that the financial crisis has damaged the credibility and reputation of both ABOR and the University of Arizona.

The next major deadline is on TUesday Feb. 20: Gov. Hobbs is asking UA and ABOR leaders for a report on the purchase of the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC). In her letter, Hobbs mentioned reports of conversations between campus leaders about the purchase of UAGC and the “risky nature” of the decision.