The University of Arizona is our biggest local employer and a huge part of our local personality. Now the University of Arizona is trying to climb out of a deep financial hole and the University President is talking about some ways they might do that.

You know its serious when UA leaders are willing to mess with Wildcat athletics. But University President Doctor Robert Robbins told the Faculty Senate with the University overspending by about 45 million dollars a year, season tickets for basketball or football could go up 25 percent.

And I don’t think that’s enough. Because if we look at our peers, we’re probably 30 years behind in increasing prices. And it’s a great time we’re number one in basketball. We should increase ticket prices.

Robbins says he does not plan to cut employee retirements, or student financial aid but does want to see cuts in administration, which he says has ballooned compared to the rest of the University. He says departments may make some of their own calls on how to cut costs but did not rule out layoffs.

This has a cultural significance and when somethings going wrong over here and were in trouble it affects the entire community.

Longtime Professor and former State Senator Ted Downing says UA didnt fall in a financial hole on its own. He says the State Board of Regents should have kept closer watch.

Now the Regents are expecting Robbins to submit a recovery plan by December 15th. Downing says that plan needs to be more than symbolic.

Downing: We’ll say we have a plan. And that’s the solution.

KGUN reporter Craig Smith: Regardless of what’s truly in it?

Downing: Makes no difference. Governance does this all the time. I mean, I’m supposed to be a liberal kind of guy. But I can tell you the government can solve problems by saying they’re doing a plan.