The man charged with murdering University of Arizona Professor Thomas Meixner is fighting with his attorney in court. Murad Dervish even raised the idea of becoming his own lawyer.

Recent testimony in Murad Dervish trial has been from psychologists called in his defense, whove said hes paranoid, delusional, and prone to think people are conspiring against him. All thats to build a case that will lock him in a psychiatric hospital instead of prison. But now Dervish is so angry with his attorney hes demanding some changes.

Dervish is angry that Public Defender Leo Masursky called Dervishs mother to the stand, where she described him as a child so impulsive and unpredictable that he pulled a knife on a baby sitter. She also described a voice mail after the shooting of Professor Meixner in which Dervish said he shot that guy and would probably have to kill himself.

With the jury out of the room, Dervish asked Judge Howard Fell to replace Masursky and let Dervish be his own attorney.

The judge said no.

Later, Dervish said he wanted to make a statement, then that he wanted to talk to the judge one on one.

The judge said no to that.

Dervish said, I think Ive decided that I want to speak to Mr Masurskys boss and well go from there. I think that would be better than for me to make a statement here.

Dervish had that meeting over the lunch recess.

Back in court, Dervishs lawyer relayed Dervishs request for a mistrial. The judge denied it.

The main testimony of the day was from psychologist Gavin Baker. He testified Dervish is on the autism spectrum, is paranoid, delusional and thought he was fighting a conspiracy against him.

You can see this in all his email chains. And I think he went to confront Doctor Meixner in this sort of delusional state, had this explosive moment and shot Doctor Meixner.

In late afternoon, prosecutors put psychiatrist Doctor Bradley Johnson on the witness stand. He said someone can be insane and still know the difference between right and wrong. He says his conversations with Dervish, and Dervishs attempt to get away after the murder convince him Dervish did know right from wrong