A University of Arizona student who fled the deadly shooting at last weekends Midtown house party is speaking out.

The shooting injured three people and killed 20-year-old UA sophomore Erin Jones.

The student, who asked to remain anonymous, wants answers. She still feels shaken days after the shooting.

Just trying to get back into finals mode at school, its very very hard, she said.

She tells KGUN the party was organized by UA football players after their Spring Game on Saturday night. She says the party had a lot of different young people from both the UA and Pima Community College.

Everything was going fine, people had brought their own drinks so nothing was provided, she recalled. [We were] talking to people, dancing, just enjoying the night.

Then, she says, she heard shots from the other side of the backyard.

We hear five, six gunshots just go in the air. Its like, everyone stopped, she said. People didnt really know what to do but just run. There was no way for us to get out but to jump a fence, a brick fence that was right there.

She and a friend hid behind a car in front of the house as a second and third round of shots rang out.

We were all just too afraid to look back, see who it was, she said. We just wanted to run and get out.

She and her friend went down the street eventually leaving the area in an Uber.

And it couldve been any of us. Its just very scary.

The student did not give any guess as to who may have fired the gun.

As students, thats the one thing we wanna know, is who went out of their way to hurt these students, to scare us, and for one of our students to die? she said. We just want those answers.

She admits students are terrified to go to police.

I mean, its so fresh, she said. Nobody would want to talk about it. Its very traumatizing.

But she also says someone needs to be held accountable.

Whoever was at the party, speak up, she said. Im not the only one who saw something. Someone had to be closer. And they need to be the one to speak up and say something.

Tucson Police have not yet announced any arrests or suspects.