University of Arizona is the latest in a long line of universities where protesters refused police orders to disperse and get off university property, and police moved in to remove them.

Tuesday afternoon pro-Palestinian protesters set up tents and canopies in a grove of olive trees just inside the Universitys Main Gate. University of Arizona Police told them they would be trespassing if any of it remained after 10:30 at night.

The night before, they removed an encampment on the Universitys Main Mall. U of A fenced off that area soon after.

But on Tuesday night, 10:30 went and the encampment stayed.

Shortly after 2 a.m. our cameras caught state troopers putting on gas masks.

Some protestors threw water bottles at law enforcement as a combined force of University Police, Tucson Police, Sheriffs Deputies, and State Troopers forced the protestors out of the encampment, down the street and away from the area.

Dietz says he was at a peaceful gathering that did not deserve that police response.

I think that it was quite extreme, particularly because whilst there have been arrests at other campuses, the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, particularly after only two nights and protesting, was quite a jump and escalation. I believe.

At noon Wednesday, protestors were back along the UA Mall talking about the previous night and how they plan to keep pushing for Palestine and for the University of Arizona to cut any ties to weapons manufacturers.

In a written statement UA President Doctor Robert Robbins said police tried to negotiate a peaceful exit for the demonstrators but protesters and counter protesters eventually reached Park Avenue and created a large, volatile crowd.

He said in part,

…As officers attempted to move protesters off Park Avenue, many physically resisted and additional projectiles were once again thrown at close range at officers. Due to the dangerous actions of the protestors, law enforcement had little choice but to take significant measures, including the wearing of tactical safety gear and a minimal use of pepper balls and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd and to protect themselves and others while clearing the area…

Doctor Robbins says all future large gatherings will require a permit and says the University will hold to a zero-tolerance policy that could lead to taking action without warning against any violators.

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