Madison Marmaduke didn’t get to walk in her high school graduation in 2020.

Pandemic graduates missed out on a lot of traditional high school experiences during their senior year, but are making up for it this time around.

I didnt even get to take senior pictures, so this has been a unique experience, says Marmaduke, a graduating senior at the U of A.

The 2024 class of the University of Arizona is the first class four years removed from the pandemic.

Meaning, for a lot of these seniors, they are making up for lost time.

“My whole freshman year was online in a dorm room. But I got really close to all my friends up there. I’ve gone to more in person classes, which is nice. Everything’s just kind of opened up in the University which has made me feel more a part of like a community since then,” said Marmaduke.

This year she is making sure to take it all in. Getting her graduation photos done and enjoying the weekend with her family.

I don’t know if I’m have anything like specifically I’m excited for. Im more nervous for graduation. But probably just walking because I never got a walk for my high school graduation, said Marmaduke.

The University has provided a map for traffic flow for the official commencement scheduled for Friday night.

A full list of convocations can be found on their website.