In an effort to prioritize campus safety and empower students with essential knowledge, the Office of Public Safety at the University of Arizona held its first-ever Wildcats Take Care Safety Fair” on the university’s bustling mall Tuesday.

The event saw active participation from various safety-related departments, including the University of Arizona Police Department and Risk Management Services, as they sought to educate students on staying secure while enjoying their college experience.

The Take Care Fair is set to become an annual tradition, reinforcing the university’s commitment to safeguarding its student population. Attendees flocked to the fair for a blend of enticing offerings, which included the following:

Slices of pizza Music Invaluable insights into personal safety practices

The overarching mission of the Office of Public Safety is to ensure students remain well-informed about available resources for their protection on campus, as well as preventive measures against potential incidents.

Chief Safety Officer and Vice President of the University of Arizona Steven Patterson said, “I think the most important crime for us to prevent is the next one.”

Nolan Ferrill, a UArizon astudent, acknowledged the concerns some of his peers might have about safety on a public campus, saying, “I know a lot of people that feel unsafe; it’s a public campus, so things are going to happen. So, that’s just something to be aware of and to expect.”

To address such concerns, students at the University of Arizona are encouraged to take full advantage of the available resources if they ever feel unsafe. The UArizona Police Department, for instance, recommends using the Safe Walk program within the Live Safe app, which allows students to request a companion or even police officer for nighttime walks, providing an additional layer of protection.