So if the Supreme Court ended affirmative action in admissions, whats the effect on the University of Arizona?

The answer is none at all.

Thats because Arizona voters passed a proposition 13 years ago that forbids Arizona universities from using race as a factor to influence admissions.

UArizonas Chief admissions officer Kasey Urquidez says the university has achieved a diverse campus without affirmative action programs by recruiting worldwide and working hard to persuade families to consider choosing UArizona.

It’s not just race and ethnicity, but about cultures and it could be that students are differently abled. There are lots of different ways to have a diverse campus and students of today definitely are looking for that. So they’re able to learn from one another and as they move into a very diverse society and into the work world so we try to promote that and offer that to every student who could become a Wildcat.

Urquidez says ten years ago about 39 percent of incoming freshmen were people of color. Now that figures about 47 percent.