The Pride of Arizona Marching Band is currently having its annual band camp to prepare for this school years upcoming events.

The camp started on August 12 and will run through August 18.

We learn pretty much the entire pregame and the first part of our marching show. This year its Evanescence. It counts for 30% of our rehearsal time for the entire season, said Head Drummer Major, Grace Adams.

On Tuesday, freshman Paige Epp attended her first day of camp after competing at Baton Worlds in Liverpool, England on Team Canada just days before.

Epp made the move from Canada to attend the University of Arizona and be part of the Pride of Arizona, which she says is not an experience she would have been able to have back at home.

I would say its a little bit different in Canada, twirling. We dont really have bands like here at the University of Arizona, said Epp.

She is looking forward to performing at her first sporting event but is already enjoying her experience only two days in.

Its super exciting. Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. And Im excited for the next four years, said Epp.

Adams echoed a similar sentiment about all of the students at the camp.

Theres nothing quite like sweating your butt off with 150 of your favorite friends and then adding auxiliary, 250 of your favorite friends. So it definitely builds bonds over the hard times, but then also over the successes, said Adams.

268 students make up the Pride of Arizona ranging from the band, drumline, pomline, twirling and colorguard.

Their first performance open to the public will be on August 18 at 9 p.m. at Bear Down Field.