UArizona received $3 million dollars in funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program.

The money will go towards a new project known as Project “ADELANTE: Advancing Culturally Responsive Place-Based Educational Opportunities for Latinx Students in the Borderlands.”

“The University of Arizona’s designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution comes with additional responsibilities as well as new opportunities to make sure we are doing everything we can to make a difference for our students,” UArizona President Robert C. Robbins said in a statement.

According to a press release, the university will “strengthen retention, degree completion, career readiness, and post-graduation success for Hispanic/Latinx and low-income students.”

Through the project, students will receive various forms of support throughout their entire college experience, such as internship and career readiness programs.

Professor Ana Cornide, a member of the University of Arizona College of Spanish and Portuguese, will be the project director for the venture.

“We see the University of Arizona’s in-state Latinx students as bearers of critical knowledge, bringing with them an understanding of key issues affecting their families and communities. Institutionally, the project will build on this cultural and social capital and connect it to academic contexts,” Carnide said of the project.

To read more about Project ADELANTE, click the link here.