From after class clubs to dorm life, there are many things that freshman Kyla McDole and her fellow classmates enjoy about college.

“I do the KAMP student radio and I’m also in a KPop dance group on campus,” she said.

But in the months after the shooting of Professor Meixner and days after the possible threat to the law school, safety continues to be a priority to students like McDole.

“I feel like it’s nice to have these extra curriculars as an escape from not being safe 24/7,” McDole said. “I feel like I have grown up in the climate of school shootings in general.”

And since high school, she’s still seeing threats to campus safety.

“In college I feel like it gets slightly better because it’s a bigger group of people, but it still has a lot of issues,” she said.

McDole has three years left at the university, and afterwards she hopes to go to law school. But throughout this time she hopes safety will improve and communication will be come clearer between the students and staff.

“I think they should have been more professional in their responses and not trying to hide things from us like what they are trying to do with the law school,” McDole said. “We need to be able to communicate together rather than it being to separate entities.”

There are many UArizona students like Isabel Vidrio don’t live on campus but there is still a threat to her safety.

“What is the best possible route for me to take if something were to happen,” she said. “I think that the higher ups should have a more direct and clear statement as to what is going on.”



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