With moving in this week and the first day of school for the University of Arizona right around the corner, it’s an exciting time with for students and new experiences.

For some of them, it’s their first time on their own. The UArizona Women and Gender Resource Center has supplies to help make the transition easier.

“We hold the feminist pharmacy with free pads, tampons, condoms, free pregnancy tests, free plan B’s, no questions asked,” shared Nousha Aldhefery. Shes been a student staff member with the resource center since she was a freshman. As a junior, shes found that shes grown into an advocate for student safety on and off campus along the way.

Aldhefery offered some tips to staying safe off campus, especially big party weekends like the weekend before school. I would say just staying safe, watching your drinks, don’t let anyone hold your cup unless it’s someone you trust,” she said.

The center is also a safe place for students to have tough conversations and get help with no questions asked. Sexual assault can happen at any time. Statistically it happens on college campuses more to [Black, Indigenous, People of Color] BIPOC women and fems,” explained Aldehefery. A lot of the resources that we do are survivor-centered. So for example, sometimes we’ll have events where people can come to just talk.”

Annie Allen visited the Women & Gender Resource Centers table at Friday’s resource fair to learn about the resources they offer.

For Allen, being at the UArizona means this is her first time living without her parents; so she does have some concerns.

I kind of have something like pepper spray or something to protect myself. I am a little bit concerned about that,” said Allen.

Pepper spray is another resource the Women and Gender Resource Center offers, according to Aldehefery. Any students looking for the center can find it on the fourth floor of the Student Union Memorial Center.