Sierra Vista’s newest high school football team is showing they can’t lose.

The Berean Academy Eagles hold a 5-0 record in their second season as a team. They play 8-man football in the Canyon Athletic Association.

Its kinda’ nice to be a pioneer on the forefront of this program, senior Jason Powell said.

The Eagles finished 2-5 last season and only had two players who played football before the team was created at the Sierra Vista charter school. Senior Andre Shields said the team’s dedication and focus is helping them this season.

I feel like everyone’s goal is to win the state championship,” he expressed. “The atmosphere around here is different. You dont normally see big 8-man football schools but were going to be one.

Berean Academy Head Coach Jalen Hampton said he was asked to lead and start the school’s program two years ago.

I wanted to provide an opportunity to kids that wanted to play football but their school didnt have it,” he revealed. “This was the next step to go and it was the right move I think.

For Coach Hampton, this was a natural next step, since growing youth football was something his father did.

It was something my dad did a long time ago in town,” he recalled. “He started the youth league here in town when I was 9. And I kinda felt it was my time.

Coach Hampton isn’t the only one on the Berean sideline who’s using this as a chance to grow. Powell was ready to put football behind him after a series of personal hardships.

I kinda’ wanted to quit football,” he shared. “I didnt really see a future in it. And then coming down here, having a coaching staff that believed in me was like really important. And they kinda just showed me I could do it with hard work.

When asked why his team has found success so quickly, Coach Hampton says it’s because of the commitment his players and coaches have. But, most importantly because they are teaching skills that can be used on and off the field.

Were trying to make sure were teaching life skills through football,” Coach Hampton explained. “So as long as were doing the right thing off the field, as long as were getting good grades, being role models, those things are going to transfer to on the field. And the championships, the wins, those are going to come.

The wins are coming faster than expected, but to the coach, he says building character is the most important victory.

I tell these kids all the time Id rather go 0 and 10 with a bunch of kids who are doing the right thing in school rather than 10 and 0 with a bunch of kids getting bad grades, cruising in public, just not knowing how to behave, Coach Hampton said.