U.S. News & World Report ranked University High School as the 25th best public high school in the country.

University High School Principal Alberto Ranjel said less than 5% of students within the Tucson Unified School District are accepted into the school.

Were 100% self-selecting. You have to pass a qualifying exam and we look at your grades in middle school, Ranjel said in an interview with KGUN 9. When you put all those kids together in the same place it creates a really amazing connection and really ups the quality of the students we have here at the school.

The ranking was based on nearly 25,000 high schools across the country.

Mia Romero, a senior at UHS, said: Its definitely difficult, but I personally really enjoy it because it gives me something to strive for and gives me a push that I need. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to mentally evolve.

Ive definitely learned a lot. There are many classes that Ive taken AP classes which are challenging but I think theyre certainly possible to overcome, UHS senior Diego Hernandez Wendlandt said.

The classes are meant to be challenging and prepare students for college.

Our entire academic program, with the exception of one single course, is either Honors or A.P. level curriculum, even at the freshman level, Ranjel said.

Senior Jennifer Orozco Torres said she has found support systems from her peers which has helped her during her time in high school.

I just remember the class binding together to help each other and make sure that we were all learning together, Orozco Torres said. We just had that attitude of not leaving anyone behind and making sure were all growing and all helping each other through that process.

Audrey Rosenberg, who is also a senior, has learned giving herself a break is very needed sometimes.

Sometimes I just have to tell myself enough is enough,” Rosenberg said. “If its 10:30 p.m. at night and Im still working on homework, Ill just be like this isnt productive anymore.’ “