As Spring Break begins for the University of Arizona, students and families are getting ready for their much-anticipated getaways. The influx of travelers is expected to surge, transforming Tucson International Airport into a bustling hub of activity.

According to Austin Wright, chief communications officer of the Tucson Airport Authority, the surge in travelers is anticipated to create longer wait times, despite the airport typically being easy to get through.

We are going to be extremely busy at the Tucson international airport. In fact, were expecting 400,000 people to use the airport in the month of March, which means that will be our busiest month in the last 16 years, said Wright.

As destinations like Mexico emerge as favored spots for spring breakers, heightened security measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of all passengers. Travelers are advised to anticipate full flights and are encouraged to arrive at the airport well in advance of their departure times, particularly during peak morning hours.

Mexico has emerged as the top choice for spring breakers seeking sun-soaked getaways.

Hector Vazquez, General Manager at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort in Rocky Point, said he was excited for the surge in visitors this month, especially after the Lukeville Port of Entry, how most people get to Rocky Point from the States, was recently closed for a month.

It’s our main entry. 85% of our our guests are coming from Arizona, and from the 85%, 65% cross through that port of entry, so imagine how hard it was for us, and for our guests that couldnt pass through the border, said Vazquez.

Vazquez mentioned a 20% increase in occupancy rates this upcoming week, with spring break commencing. He also mentioned the border closes at 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.