If you were tuned into ABC this past Tuesday, you had the chance to see one local college student battle it out on the Wheel of Fortune and take home big prizes.

“People have stopped me as I’m walking to class and said, Oh, I saw you on Wheel of Fortune.'” said University of Arizona sophomore Sydney Roberson.

It all started when Roberson received one of the most exciting calls of her life early this year.

“I got a call one day in January [saying], hey theres a spot for you. Can you come out to LA next week,'” Roberson said.

The biology major said the show is one of her favorites.

“Ive been watching the show as long as I can remember, since elementary school,” she said. “Just watching it at the table with my family at dinner time.”

While shes always loved the long-running game show, she never pondered the idea of applying to be a contestant until her mom would encourage her to apply in October.

“My mom just called me one day while I was studying, and she asked me have I ever considered applying for the show,” Roberson explained.

After two initial interviews a few weeks after applying last October, it seemed like hope was lostuntil getting her invitation a few months later.

While many would probably be a little nervous to appear on national television, Roberson said she remained cool, calm and collected as she competed against two other college students.

“I just knew that I was going on one of my favorite childhood shows, so I didnt try to think about all the lights and cameras behind it,” Roberson said. “I was just focused on, okay, just play the game as you do.”

Her calm demeanor would pay off big time as she won not only a trip to Aruba but walked away with more than $59,000, all with her parents in attendance.

The aspiring dentist says she plans on giving some of the money to her parents while setting aside some of it for dental school in the future.

“Dental schools not cheap, so I hope to save a good portion for that and give back to my parents,” she said. “I mean without my mom I wouldnt have even been on the show, so I definitely owe some to her.”



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