University of Arizona students and other groups gathered on the campus mall stage in support of abortion rights in Arizona. Earlier this week, Governor Katie Hobbs signed the repeal to the near total abortion ban.

The organizers on campus today like Deja Foxx said it was important step forward for abortion access. She and other organizers worked on collecting more signatures for the Arizona for Abortion Access Initiative, which would put abortion on the ballot in November.

“The repeal is great,” Foxx said. “It shows what happen when win on a local level – the governor, the attorney general – and why our elections matter now more than ever. but it’s also a reminder that we need to making the decisions about our bodies not our state legislatures.”

This week, 40 Days for Life, a national non-profit of opponents of abortion, tweeted a statement and said “Reversing policies that save innocent lives is never something to be celebrated.”