In an update Tuesday, the Arizona National Guard has confirmed approximately 40 of its members were wounded in action in the drone strike in Jordan Sunday.

National Guard spokespeople say that three of those approximately 40 members were medically evacuated to receive care for non-life threatening injuries, while the rest remain under observation.

In a separate update this afternoon from the U.S. Army, three injured service members were being moved to Ramstein Air Base, Germany via a U.S. Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Tuesday. One of those three individuals is reported in ‘critical condition’ and the media release says all three individuals are “reported to be stable.”

The National Guard says it has not confirmed whether the three individuals being moved to Germany are the same three reported injured in the drone strike. Authorities are working to gather this information.

No Arizona National Guard service members have occurred, according to National Guard spokepeople.

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