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Disturbing new details on the death of a 2-year-old in his home in March.

His mother admitted the child died after police were called to the home after her 4-year-old girl was seen running around the neighborhood unsupervised.

KGUN 9 has obtained the autopsy report on the two-year-old boy’s body found in his home on S. Monrovia Avenue, near East Drexel Road and South Campbell Avenue.

The report says his mother, 24-year-old Katie Hernandez, told investigators she found him unresponsive and cold on February 17.

She says she thought he might have overdosed on fentanyl she had in the house, so she says she placed him in the bathroom and locked the door.

Police found him when they searched the home in March following the call about her other child.

The medical examiner says the cause of the boy’s death is undetermined.

Hernandez is due in court next month.