It’s a Saturday in Sahuarita, and even thought the location has just three pickleball courts, it’s safe to say they’d be filled if it there were many more courts.

“I love pickleball because of the community and the energy that currently surrounds the community,” said Nathan Andersen, who is playing the sport with his family.

Andersen, an engineer, has taken his passion for pickleball and is turning it into a business. He’s recently signed a franchise agreement with Dill Dinkers to provide an indoor facility to Tucson.

“It was the appeal to do something different and together as a family that drove me down this path.”

Andersen is looking at two locations. One would be seven courts in the Oro Valley area, and another would hold twelve courts on the south end of town. As it turns out, he has competition. Ace Pickleball, another indoor franchise, recently signed a lease in for an eleven court Tucson at 4881 N. Stone Avenue.

Andersen isn’t deterred.

“At the end of the day, multiple locations is a good thing for a pickleball playing community.”