Beginning June 1, upper Garden Canyon Road in Fort Huachuca will close to all motorized vehicle traffic. Due to erosion, travel on the road is unsafe for all vehicle types and will only be open for critical mission and emergency vehicles.

Hiking and mountain biking are still permitted for the time being beyond the closed gate. The road beyond the gate is in poor condition and has limited turn-around points, which make it hard to tow a vehicle that gets stuck or breaks down.

The road is a critical access point for Fort Huachuca and U.S. Service firefighters to prevent and fight wildfires at high mountain elevations. Officials say it’s vital to preserve the road to allow emergency access.

It’s recommended for recreational users to park by the middle picnic area or in the dirt area by the upper Garden Canyon gate. Parking on the dirt instead of grass will reduce the possibility of a vehicle’s hot undercarriage starting a wildfire.



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