At Jack Furrier Tire and Auto Care, the summer heat means more peoples tires need to be fixed.

Their sales and service advisor Barrett Smith knows all too well that the heat causes excessive ozone cracking and can also cause the tire to heat up a lot faster.

When fixing the tires, he knows that the heat can affect peoples tires during the summer more in Arizona compared to other states.

Definitely causes more tire failures with the heat and then more people are traveling, Smith said.

Tires beginning to fail arent typically something someone would notice until they look at the inside edge of the tire.

So this is typical tire wear that we would see come in. This tire as you can see is down to the wear bars but also the inside edge is showing the steel well package, he described while looking at a tire that looked bald.

With all the repairs, the shop is also getting a boost in business. Smith said thats because people want to get their tires checked.

However, he said if you want to check whether to get new tires, he said you can check the serial number on your tire, which will give you the date the tire was made.

The owner of R and G Tire Bill Eldridge said you should get your tire replaced every five years.

That means during the summer, tire repairs are also inflating their sales.

We also sell used tires. Its a very economically stressed times, Eldridge said.

However, before rolling into his shop, he said you should check your tire pressure.

First thing in the morning because throughout the day you can add quite a few pounds to the pressure of the tire, he said.

In order for them to last longer, he said you should also rotate your tires every 5 thousand to 7,500 miles.

It might save them some time on the side of the road, he said.