Vail School District is taking new steps to help families and staff get the help they need.

VUSD has a new partnership they are rolling out with a program called Care Solace.

Care Solace is a mental health coordination resource, meaning they make phone calls for families and staff members to eliminate the time spent on the phone.

After calling resources in the area, they will bring a list of online or in person appointments back to families.

Annie Bates is a parent and teacher in VUSD. She was diagnosed with cancer last year.

“It kind of threw my family in a tailspin. And I definitely wanted to have a therapist step in and help with my kids during their experience. So, that’s when I started looking for therapists on my own,” said Bates.

But Bates says that process was difficult.

I was given a list of people who accepted my insurance by my provider, and I made multiple phone calls That was about five months ago, and I still haven’t heard back from any of them, said Bates.

VUSD started the rollout of called Care Solace after hearing about it from the district.

I had two of my three kids signed up within their system within I think it was 13 minutes, said Bates.

Care Solace is paid for by VUSD, but counseling will still be paid for by parents.