The Vietnam Veterans of America, Tucson Chapter 106 held a ceremony Friday morning, paying tribute to the dedication of Vietnam War veterans.

March 29th, 1973. Thats the day the last combat troops departed from Vietnam.

The war became very unpopular as it progressed.

With no victory, there were no parades, no honor, no warm welcome.

Melvin Butch Morgan served in Vietnam in the mid-60s.

Hes now the president of Tucsons Vietnam Veterans Affairs Chapter 106.

It was a lot different many years ago when I came home, said Morgan.

Fifty years later, things have changed.

Butch tells me they have a faux plaque of the 107 men killed in Vietnam from Tucson.

But it will soon more closely resemble the memorial in Washington D.C.

Being able to honor these K.I.A.s that were killed in Vietnam from Tucson and Pima County is quite an honor to be done,” said Morgan. “To dedicate a place for them to be remembered.

Ruben M. Moreno serves in the Marine Corps Color Guard and played taps at todays ceremony.

His father, Ruben L. Moreno, served in the Korean War and returned to a society where PTSD didnt exist.

All of the individuals from the United States whove come to serve our country deserve that respect cause they did what others are afraid to do, said Moreno.

Moreno described the times his fathers screams echoed inside their home from having nightmares.

His father eventually found an escape through oil painting and playing music to cope, passing that along to his children.

And I wish that for all veterans,” Moreno said. “All marines past and present to be able to find an outlet to where they can live in peace with what they had to do to serve this country.

As we wrap up this day of remembrance, let us carry the gratitude we feel for our Vietnam War Veterans in our hearts, honoring their service and sacrifices.