Unofficial results show voters will approve a half-cent sales tax for a new jail in Cochise County.

As of 8:00 p.m., the preliminary count revealed 11,951 votes (52.06%) in favor of “yes” and 10,988 votes (47.87%) against “no.”

A total of 22,939 votes were cast in Tuesday’s special election.

The results show that there were no overvotes, indicating that voters did not choose more than one option for each race.

However, there were 15 undervotes, where individuals intentionally left the contest blank, making up a mere 0.07% of the total votes cast.

In total, the contest received 22,954 votes, representing 100% of the counted ballots in this preliminary report.

These results do not include early or replacement ballots dropped off on May 16.

Further updates will follow in the coming days. This is the only posting for election night results.