Voters in Vail are split on whether the town between the tracks should become a city.

I believe local governance will give us a much better control over the future of our community,” Loren Hoboy said.

It just seems like something we dont need to do, that someone else wants to do because it makes money for them,” Robert Walker said.

Walker has lived in Vail for 18 years, he adds he voted against incorporation in 2013, which failed to pass.

He says becoming a city requires adding police, fire, and trash services which will bring more taxes.

Thats the first thing that will happen, then the land that is trust land and private land will be changed in zoning,” Walker said.

Loren Hoboy moved to Vail a year ago and is a volunteer for “Incorporate Vail AZ.”

He says any tax increases would have to be voted on after incorporation, and adds taxes charged will stay in Vail.

Essential as it continues to grow.

It gives us the ability to tax future development to help pay for future infrastructure. We dont get that now, every time a developer develops here, we dont see any benefit we just see the impact,” Hoboy said.

Early voting ballots have already been mailed. Election day is November 7th.

Click the links to see the websites for ‘VoteNo402’ and ‘Incorporate Vail AZ”.