The next school in the Vail Unified School District finally has its name.

Saguaro Creek K-8 is set to open in July of 2025.

Development of the school began in 2023 with a naming committee formed in March of this year.

That committee sifted through 80 name submissions and settled on a top nine.

Saguaro Creek was not one of the top nine names. Saguaro Canyon was Saguaro sunrise, and we just really wanted to pay homage to the area and the natural surroundings,” said Kate Robold, future principal of Saguaro Creek, “And there are several creeks and washes. And so we decided to kind of merge the, the natural surroundings with the top name of Saguaro and create Saguaro Creek.

The new school located in the Rocking K development is set to break ground at a ceremony on May 2nd at 5 p.m.

Following the ground breaking ceremony, the district will follow a similar path of the naming committee when picking the mascot and colors with the expectation of the committee being formed over the summer.

More information for that will come at a later date.