Throughout the football season we hear from broadcasters like Jim Nantz, Chris Fowler, Al Michaels but not many of those big names got their start in just seventh grade.

Lucas Randall, a 12-year-old, is getting his broadcasting career started early.

Randall was first offered the announcer job at CDO in fifth grade.

Mr. Domingez, the athletic director here, is my neighbor,” Randall said. “We used to go over to his house a lot and watch some games together. He noticed I was pointing out a lot of stats.

Randall started off just doing freshman games.

Oh my gosh, I was really nervous for him but also really excited and just proud that he was able to step into his element,” Lucas’s Mom, Melanie Randall said.

By sixth grade, Randall moved up to calling JV and Varsity games.

Now in seventh grade, he calls all three levels.

Hes kind of like a mini-celebrity around here. I can just say, ‘Oh I’m with Lucas’ and they know who that is,” Melanie said. “Hes kind of a VIP around here.”

Throughout this time, Randall began to see a future in this role.

When I started calling games, I realized it was fun and I wanted to continue doing that,” Randall said. “I was kind of excited that I knew what I wanted to do.

A career in play-by-play is Randalls goal. Imagine that, having your career planned out at just 12 years oldand it all started at Dorado Stadium in Oro Valley.