A baker from Tucson is making Benson home with his new Wake & Bake Bakery. Skye Maddux opened the business venture earlier this month to sell pastries, sandwiches and coffee.

Once I hit culinary school I found I had a knack for baking and a feel for doughs and thats kinda the route I took, Maddux said.

He says having his own business gives him freedom and creativity with his recipes.

I love trying to perfect the craft, so Im always looking at new recipes or new techniques to try and enhance my own skills, Maddux said.

Maddux first began operating his own business before the pandemic, where he sold his baked goods at local farmer’s markets in Tucson. He said when the pandemic started he couldn’t sell at the farmer’s markets anymore, so he began focusing on opening a brick-and-mortar. His passion for cooking comes from his mom, who let him find his way around the kitchen at an early age.

She gave me a lot of freedom in the kitchen and she also taught home-ec when I was a kid,” Maddux said. “So having her experience and her giving me the freedom to kind of just play around when I was young, really gave me a drive to do it.

Ashleigh Fraser, lead barista at the bakery, is already noticing repeat customers. She credits the flavors and Maddux’s attention to detail for connecting the business to the community.

You can tell its becoming someones favorite place. You know what I mean, their go-to coffee spot,” Fraser said. “Theyre bringing their friends, theyre starting to sit down.

Maddux says since opening he’s had to make more food than he anticipated because of the support from the community.

Ive heard that were the talk of the town,” he said. “Its really exciting.