The common wall between 28 Main Street and 24 Main Street in Bisbee has caved in, according to Bisbee Mayor Ken Budge.

A fire ripped through 28 Main Street and the neighboring business at 30 Main Street in mid-February. The City recently announced a proposal to preserve and rebuild what they could, but this might delay Main Street’s reopening, Budge said in a post on his personal Facebook page.

“Like most things (in) Old Bisbee, it is never easy when it comes to these historic buildings,” Budge said in the post. “The common wall between 28 Main and 24 Main has fallen.”

Budge said in the post that the city’s part of its structural stability plan will continue, and crews were now working on the rear of the building.

He continued in the post to say that the neighboring Letson Building, home to the Letson Loft Hotel, is in a bit more trouble, “as they work to brace and more instability is occurring.”

“This may require more street bracing by them,” Budge said in the post. “I do not have a time frame and will wait to get their structural engineer’s plan on what they will need to do, so we will be able to move forward with our opening plan for Main Street.”

Budge emphasized in the post that this is a fluid situation.

“I just thank my lucky stars that no one has been hurt, unlike the horrible bridge collapse in Baltimore,” he said.

Budge reminded people to stay clear of the area, and let licensed professionals “do their jobs.”

A follow-up post from Budge noted the sidewalk on the north side of Main Street is now open.

Bisbee Fire Chief Jim Richardson said via email that he doesn’t believe the wall collapse will affect the fire investigation

“The collapse was on the other building, not the one where the fire started,” Richardson said.