If you like the 70s, they are coming back like the song Dancing Queen from the 70s!

We already saw the low to high seventies in the Tucson metro area and in the western part of our region like in Ajo and Santa Rosa. Until Thursday we will be seeing temperatures that are about 6 to 8 degrees higher than normal for this time of the year.

However, we also saw some wind that didnt get too strong today. We mostly stuck in the single digits in Tucson. That wind is really going to die down around dinner time.

As for our lows tomorrow, we are going to be seeing the lower to upper forties in the Tucson metro area. However, Ajo will be seeing 50 degrees!

Tomorrow our highs will be extremely similar to todays. Tucson will be seeing the upper seventies and so will the majority of the western part of our area like in Organ Pipe and Sells.

However, we are also going to be seeing a very strong chance of rain on Friday and thats when our temperatures will be dipping down to the fifties into Saturday.


Cochise County saw all sixties for the high temperatures today. Most of the county was in the upper sixties but places like Sierra Vista and Bowie saw 65 degrees.

Sierra Vista and Douglas saw similar wind speeds to Tucson at nine miles per hour, but those winds will be dying down around dinner time.

For the lows tomorrow places like Sierra Vista and Bisbee will see the lower forties while the majority of Cochise County will see the lower to upper thirties.

The highs will be similar to today in the sixties for the majority of Cochise County, but Douglas will be at 70 degrees tomorrow.

However, dont get too used to the warm weather because on Friday we will see high chances of rain and very low fifties before we go into the forties on Saturday.



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