Just after 4 a.m. east of Sasabe, Ariz., smugglers began sending migrants illegally across the border and into the U.S.

No Border Patrol agents were in the immediate area as migrants and smugglers remain undeterred by President Biden’s border executive order.

The smugglers’ vans drive on the Mexican side of the wall to drop off the migrants. One took videos of migrants crossing into the U.S.likely as proof of delivery, and as an advertisement to migrants who may want to come in the future.

The migrants then walked over to a makeshift shelter constructed by Tucson Samaritans and other border volunteers.

There are signs in the camp, and messages written on the border wall telling migrants to wait there for Border Patrol, and not walk through the desert.

Of the migrants who crossed Thursday morning, some had, and others hadn’t heard about President Biden attempting to make asylum more difficult to claim if a migrant crosses the border illegally.

It’s too soon to tell whether or not the order will lead to a decrease in illegal border crossings. Every Friday the Tucson Sector’s Chief Patrol Officer John Modlin posts weekly statistics.