The votes are in!

After 19,000 votes from the public, Meru has been picked as the name of Samba’s 5th calf.

Meru, born March 8th, is named after Tanzania’s fifth highest peak, Mount Meru.

Our team really fell in love with the name Meru for the calf,” said Reid Park Zoos Director of Animal Care, Adam Ramsey in a press release.

In our last check in with the zoo, the staff said the baby was doing great and growing more and more curious.

The first couple of weeks, she is attached to mom. Absolutely glued. She is usually under mom’s legs. And recently, this week, she started venturing out away from mom and becoming more curious with our team,” said Brooke Majkowicz, a member of the elephant care team.

The zoo says the best time to see Meru is after 10 am, but her schedule can vary depending on her needs.