Today was a beautiful day here in Southern Arizona. We had a few clouds, but actually got to 80 degrees in Tucson for our high!

It looks like the groundhog Punxatawney Phil was right about what seems to be an early spring!

We saw a little bit of wind in Southern Arizona, but stuck mostly to the single digits as far as the miles per hour in Tucson and Nogales. We are going to be seeing that wind pick up on Tuesday and we could also be seeing some dust blowing around.

In Tucson and its metro area we are going to be seeing the lower fifties for our low temperatures tomorrow. Some places like Sells and Ajo will see the mid fifties for the lows.

However, we are going to see temperatures that are about fifteen degrees above normal tomorrow because of a high pressure system thats mostly in Mexico.

Towards the beginning of next week we may also see some rain, but dont hold your breath. Thats a strong might!

Feb 24 cochise county wx

Cochise County saw some beautiful weather in the seventies that was pretty similar to Tucson. Places like Sierra Vista and Tombstone saw the mid seventies while it got to as high as 78 degrees in Douglas.

We did also see some wind speeds mostly in the single digits in Cochise County, but that could be picking up at the beginning of next week.

Places like Tombstone and Benson will see the forties for our lows tomorrow but places like Bisbee and Sierra Vista will see the lower fifties.

However, we are shooting up to the high seventies in Sierra Vista, Elfrida, and Bisbee while places like Tombstone and Douglas will get to the low eighties!!!



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