The Arizona Rangers’ Sonoita Company distributed 20 holiday meal bags to families in need in the Elgin and Sonoita communities.

The company was reinstated nine months ago, after disbanding in 2016. Bart Lawrence, Captain for the Sonoita Company, said he and some of the other rangers from the area wanted to help their local community and their neighbors.

Now that we are the Sonoita Company we wanted to help the community and be more in tune with the communitys needs,” he said. “Thats why were in the rangers. Were here to help and support the community.

The rangers typically provide assistance to local law enforcement, serving as security at community events and helping local youth organizations. Lawrence said they decided to hand out bags with a ham, sides and pie for dessert because they saw a need in the community.

You dont realize, but in this economy theres a lot of who arent making ends meet, he said.

The rangers worked with the Sonoita Community Food Bank to deliver the meals. Volunteer Joy Gains, they help, with more than just food all year round.

Sometimes at the end of the month, when money is getting thin,” she said. “People just need support with food and toiletries and other things we can offer.

Lawrence and Gains agree the smiles from those they helped make events like Thursday’s a success.

Theyre just appreciative to have the dinner,” Lawrence said. “Its been a good thing.”